Tripod  $59.00                           
          After several years of looking for a solid and reasonably priced tripod to mount easels on , I decide to design one.
   This tripod is very sturdy and stable and folds up for transportation
   The Tripod incorporates several features from  the popular Field/Display easel.
A tilting head  has been added to enable the mounted easel  to be tilted front to back through 180 degrees.
The head can then be locked in place with the  2"  Black knob.
Please note the head tilts in one direction only  - front to back.
The Tripod folds up easily for  storage or transportation.
    Opened up the tripod is 32" high, 24" front to  back on the ground and 18" wide at the base.
    Folded the tripod is 36" high,18" wide and 5" deep

Any of the Table top easels, most of the Box easels or
Pochades can be mounted on the tripod
    Upper part of 24" table top easel mounted  on Tripod.
         Purchase this easel as a single item for $105.00.
  16" X 20" Slim Pochade on Tripod
  A flat surface can be mounted on the tripod to serve as a side table for supplies or a wide variety of items.
  I have kept the design very basic and simple to eliminate  many adjustments
available in a camera tripod in order   to get rid of jiggle.
  The Tripod pictured is 18" wide but I can easily make the tripod wider at the base at no extra cost.
The Tripod is 32" high but can be made up to 45" high.
Weight -  5.7 lbs
           9"x12" Pochade on Tripod
34" high tripod with 24” Table Top Easel and
                          24" x 30" Canvas
    For the artist that likes to sit down and get close
Handmade by:  Gord Lindsay                                       #304 360 Brunswick St., Penticton, B.C. Canada V2A 5R1
or P.O. Box 1868,   Oroville, Washington - 98844
                                   (250)487-1387       Email