Very similar to the Display/Field Easel but modified to fold down shorter.
        This easel has all the features of the popular Display/Field Easel except
      it folds down into a smaller package to reduce storage space, making it
                   easier for the artist to transport also to reduce shipping costs.
                       $179.00   Plus shipping
   Base is 23" wide  x  24" deep and easel is 54" high
With the mast extended up the
        easel is 84" high
Optional ledge for displaying more than one piece - add $40.00
Optional paint tray  $50.00  (see display/field easel page)
                With mast extended up the easel will
                     handle a canvas   up to 73" high
This easel is also available with the features
of the Silent Auction Easel including bid box,
stain and poly finish. It ships in a smaller box
reducing shipping costs. Weight 15lbs.
Handmade by:  Gord Lindsay        #304 360 Brunswick St., Penticton, B.C. Canada V2A 5R1

                                   (250)487-1387       Email