36" Multi Media Easel
     Rotated horizontal for water colors
                 Plus shipping
With optional paint tray
        add $50.00
    Height with mast extended 61"
      Base 22" x 22"
Folds for  Storage
Size folded  48" x 22" x 6"
Weight 20 lbs.
Multi Media Easel
            Plus shipping

Height 55"
Base 24"x22"
   With mast extended    
   up      24"x 22" x70"
Maximum 49" high canvas
Weight  30 lbs
Optional Paint tray $50.00

Tilt to horizontal for watercolors with canvas on  one end   supplies on the other.
  60" Multi Media  Easel
                Plus shipping             Weight 35 lbs.
Can be folded for storage or    shipping
With mast extended up  80"
Base 25"x 22"  x 54" High              Maximum 60" high canvas
      No assembly
Optional paint tray
Optional Mid ledge allows 2 canvases to be placed on easel $40

Multi Media Easel

Maximum 76" high canvas
Plus shipping
Weight  35 lbs.
Height  68"    Base  27"x27"
Height With mast extended  92"
Optional Paint Tray $50.00
Optional Mid Ledge $40.00
Shipping size    68"x28"x8"

      72" Multi Media Easel
With Heavy Duty Stand & Wheels
Plus shipping
               48 lbs.
                               Height  60"      Base 30"x30"
                        With mast extended up  Height is 90"
                        Shipping size  31"x8"x62"
                            Optional paint tray  $50.00
Multi media easels are suitable for all mediums including; oils, acrylics, pencil, charcoal, pastels, encaustic and any other medium.
You can adjust these easels to any angle you prefer from horizontal to vertical and a forward tilt for pastels so the dust falls off the paper.
They all fold flat to make them easy to store or transport..

The 72" wheeled easel is equipped with 2 nylon wheels for ease of movement. just rotate the work surface to the horizontal position and you can  pick up the top end and easily move the easel to your favourite creating space and catch the perfect light for your work.

The larger sizes, the 60" and 72", come with extra canvas ledges that you can use to mount a second piece for reference or in the horizontal position secure  a work surface for your bushes paints and other equipment.
                The sizes 36", 48", 60" and 72" refer to the maximum height canvases these easels will hold .
                                      The canvas widths are up to you own judgment.
             For information or how to pay, contact me at HYPERLINK ""

Handmade by:   Gord Lindsay       #304 360 Brunswick St., Penticton, B.C. Canada V2A 5R1
                                   (250)487-1387     Email
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