Stocked in 2 sizes
        9" x 12" --------------
11" x 14" -------------- $134.00
  Other sizes from  6"x9" upto 16"x20"
       available by special order.

                Shipping charges are not included in prices but they can be shipped for   $20.00 anywhere in North America   (except Alaske or NWT)
A pochade can be attached to a camera tripod or one of my Artists Tripods
                          11" x 14" pochade                                                                                                                                       12x16 Pochade
                        on 30" Art Tripod                                                                                                                                                on a 40" Art Tripod
    A Pochade or Plien-aire box is for the artist that prefers smaller canvases and wants everything in one easy
                  to carry case.
These boxes are made of nice  dry solid pine material and the top and bottom is made of Baltic Birch plywood.
They have a Colonial (mid- brown) or maple (orange) stain or natural wood  with two coats of wipe-on poly finish.
When the box is opened the lid can be set at the angle you prefer and can go back horizontal for the artist that 
                 prefers to paint flat (watercolor).
One stretched canvas can be stored in the underside of the lid and locked in place and a second canvas can
be placed on top of the sliding palette and locked there , so the two canvases will be held apart when the lid is
  closed, allowing 2 wet canvases to be  carried in the pochade.  The sliding palette is made of almost
       indestructible, easy to clean,  white Lexan.
   The pochade can be made with the palette sliding open to the left or to the right.
       Please state your preference when ordering.
         Pochades  have a hidden nut which enables them to be fasten
ed to a standard camera tripod or the
              Easy Easel Artists Tripod, using a 1/4"-20 x 1" bolt.
        The space under the sliding palette is for your brushes and paints and is 2" deep.
    The supplied divider
is loose and you may tack it in the position you prefer.
Handmade by:  Gord Lindsay          #304 360 Brunswick St., Penticton, B.C. Canada V2A 5R1

                                   (250)487-1387       Email