Bid box opened with space for a acrylic bid
form holder      ( not supplied)
Bid form holder not included as part of easel
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Handmade by:  Gord Lindsay   #304 360 Brunswick St., Penticton, B.C. Canada V2A 5R1
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This is the standard Display/Field easel with a specificaly designed silent auction bid box attached
There is a space for a bid form holder to be attached (not included).
The easels and box are made from kiln dries pine and finished with a stain (or natural) and two coats of a poyethlene (your choice of stain color).
The bid box has a writing surface for completion of the bid form and a slot in the box for deposit of completed bids in a locked bid box.
The bid box has a ledge on top to support a painting, photograph or an item to be used in the fund raising campaign. The lower ledge is to hold a poster or information on the fund raising campaign.
If you have seen a Ducks Unlimited silent auction display  - this is a similar idea.
The silent auction easel features are also available on the Compactt Tripod easel. While slightly
more expensive, the Compact Tripod easel with the silent auction easel features ships in a smaller
box reducing shipping costs.
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